In Memory

In Memory

Katrin Eissing & Melina Pafundi • 8min. • 16mm • Color/BW • Silent • Germany • 2018

To titles and material remains of a film by Nikolaus Tscheschner KALMENHOFKINDER- ERMORDET UND VERGESSEN that we discovered in LaborBerlin, we both had personal references. During our work on these remaining pieces, we felt the need to commemorate the children in the children’s specialist departments Nazi Germany once again. This work is an attempt.


Process, Experiment Film Festival. Latvia (2018)
Diffraktion #8, Winter Showcase of Films by LaborBerlin Members. Germany (2018)
VariaVision LaborBerlin Film Collective Film to the people, Volksbühne. Germany (2018)




Katrin Eissing & Melina Pafundi


Labor Berlin